The leading software development company from the fastest-growing continent. We design, develop, deploy, and maintain mobile and web applications.

AFRIMETRO helps businesses scale, with our cutting edge engineering subscription platform that delivers quality, reliable software services and development teams.

With over 10 years of trailblazing delivery, we’re the go-to partner for ambitious scales ups, dynamic agencies and leading enterprises. Proudly rooted in Africa, we’re crafting the future of global software development—reliability at scale.

Discover how our versatile software solutions can transform your business. Book a free consultation with our experienced account executives to explore the best software-driven solutions for your unique challenges.

Bridging your business knowledge
with our software mastery

Do you have questions or need support with picking which custom solution is right for you? We’ll guide you on your way.

Flexible subscriptions

Scale or reduce the size of your development team based on your project needs.

Reliable delivery

Experience peace of mind and consistent success , where trust and quality lead your business forward.

Quality tech experts

Comprised of Africa's top engineers, designers, QA testers and business analysts.

Industry agnostic

Our diverse experience allows us to solve your business problems, no matter the industry.

Start 3x faster

The global average time to hire a development team is 9-weeks. With AFRIMETRO, you will kick off in 1-month.

Proven track record

With over a decade of success, we know how to build great software that solves real problems.