Network cabling is the backbone of modern communication systems, allowing businesses to transmit data seamlessly between devices and across networks. It is the physical connection that links devices, such as computers, servers, routers, and switches, together to create a reliable and efficient network infrastructure.

With our expert installation engineers who ensure the right cabling setup for your home or company's physical location. From server cabinets, wireless access points, routers, to CCTV and aerial installations, we have you covered

Our commitment to quality means providing you with durable hardware built to last. Count on AFRIMETRO for structured network cabling, network cabinet installations, cabling design, LAN cable installations, server room design, cable management, office relocation, onsite assessments, and more. Our experienced support, helpdesk, and project management staff have earned us an excellent reputation within well-known organizations.

We also specialize in security camera installations, allowing you to remotely monitor and configure your CCTV cameras. Choose from various video qualities, including 720p HD, 1080p UHD, or stunning 4k resolution. Our cameras utilize infrared technology for clear and sharp images even in low-light conditions, ensuring the safety and security of your premises.