• Braodband Internet

  • Brought to you by AFRIMETRO. Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. With no usage thresholds.

Most Fibre Networks are Open-Access, which means that any Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as us, that has an agreement with them can provide you with an Internet connection. As an example, you might currently have Fibre through 'Yellow Internet', which is just one of the ISPs available on the Vumatel, Openserve or MetroFibre etc. network. Switching from them to us is easy, simple and quick!

Fibre Provider Partners

It all starts by selecting the Fibre Provider that is available in your area. Contact us so we can assit you to selecting a provider thats in your area

Fibre uses optical cables to carry data via light, which makes it the fastest internet you can get - up to 50x times faster than the fastest ADSL available in South Africa. With the improved bandwidth throughput of Fibre you’ll have a more stable connection with lower latency. And, because Fibre uses light instead of electrical pulses, it's weather resistant and doesn't degrade over large distances - giving you a consistent, fast and dependable experience.

Super Fast

Stream Netflix or YouTube without the buffering. Also the best for Online Gaming


Work, study, game. No matter what the platform or activity, do it with no interruptions


Nothing like running out of data bundles during your online calls or streaming


Fibre is the latest in cutting edge internet technology, making it a future proof choice.