DNS Resolver

DNS Filtering allows organizations to limit users from visiting unauthorized websites that could put their company at risk. With AFRIMETRO's DNS Filtering feature, IT teams can easily manage and alter their organization’s web filter at will across the network.

Free SSL certificate Make your network secure, fast, and reliable
Monthly hosting plans Focus on development, not maintenance
CageFS, Cloudlinux web hosting Get rid of user-generated security issues
Host with the most performance

the advantages

Make your network secure, fast, and stable

web hosting feature package

A secure network means fewer issues

Not only does AFRIMETRO ensure your network is safer and your customers’ experience enhanced, but Peacemaker will also eliminate IP blacklisting, reduce the number of abuse alerts, and detect infected network equipment.

cPanel control panel

On-premise DNS resolver for the win

Having an on-premise resolver will make your network faster. On top of that, you will get to see what’s going on up to the level of local IP addresses. Our superior DNS resolvers will add a security layer over your DNS resolution and still make it faster.

Telephonic, email and live chat support

Keep an eagle eye at all times

Our intuitive and practical graphic user interface will give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your network and allow you to quickly fix potential issues. Have a tight grip on your network.

Website backup space included in your hosting.

Content filtering

Comply with your country’s regulatory restrictions, block problematic content yourself, or offer content filtering and parental control to your customers.

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