Because AFRIMETRO supports IPv6 and IPv4 over the same connection at no additional charge, once you get an IP Transit connection from AFRIMETRO you will be already set to add IPv6 support for your customers.

We enable local and regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Wireless Internet Services Providers (WISPs), Content and Cloud Providers through our vastly interconnected Global footprint of Tier-1 providers.

Our West coast capacity includes, WACS, SAT-3, EASSy, Seacom, and SAFE

What does this mean for your downstream customers? In the event of a subsea cable break, we have ample capacity to continue providing IP Transit to you; uninterrupted. Our IP Transit solutions are SLA driven, and with resiliency across 5+ subsea cable systems, this directly translates to the ISP, WISP, Cloud and Content providers, ultimately

AFRIMETRO's IP Transit service, available in 6+ Data Centres in South Africa, aggregate your IP Transit across any Teraco or Africa Data Centre facilities.

Our Protected IP Transit solutions are cost effective, SLA driven, highly available, DDoS protected and available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.